If you have an opportunity to watch this guy play any more games this season, I would advise you to set aside a couple hours and do so. Because we may not ever see the numbers he's putting up again.

84 years after George Sisler set the single-season hit record with 257, it looks like Ichiro's going to go ahead and break it. He's at 212 after tonight, leaving 45 hits in his last 31 games to become Hit King. So that's a hit and a half per game, seems like a lot. But consider that he's averaged a little over two per game since the AS break and is hitting a little over .460 in the second half. Seems to be heating up just in time to put forth a run at an "Unbreakable" record.

Amazing talent. He's got 34 fewer hits so far this season than Barry Bonds has since opening day of LAST YEAR.....

What a badass little motherfucker.

"August in the Kansas City is hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock."

--Ichiro Suzuki, when asked what his favorite American expression is on "On the Record" with Bob Costas.

Suzuki playing 31 games and getting 5 at bats a game, would mean he could do it.  He's got 46 hits to go to break it.  If Ichiro bats .300 while getting 5 at bats a game, he should break it which would be amazing.


He hits leadoff, which means as soon as there's a baserunner (who doesn't get doubled up), he's getting a 4th plate appearance. Teams typically get at least 9 baserunners MOST games, so he should get 5 AB's most of the time. Some of the Mariners have picked it up a little bit, and they're scoring runs finally. Ichiro's had a couple of 3 for 6 nights this past week.

LOFL @ that "quote"!!!!!!

The way Ichiro is racking up the hits makes you wonder if he started his career over here would he have a legitimate shot at Pete Rose's record.

I always come watch a game Seattle comes to Yankee Stadium. Ichiro is an amazing hitter/player.

Secondbase- I never thought about that. Damn, the "what ifs.." right?

Ichiro is one of the best hitters EVER.

I want to go see him Saturday night against the WhiteSox, but since the Sox suck so badly, I can't get anyone to go with me.

The guy is simply amazing. Take a look at the guy's scatter chart. With the exception of home runs, the guy uses all fields.

ESPN Magazine had an article about him a year or 2 ago about his speed. I think he gets to first in about 4 seconds and gets quicker to the other bases as he gets his stride.

He went 3 for 5 again with an rbi, run and a stolen base. Ichiro is a witch.

223 after a 5-for-5 game tonight.

Why do you not think Ichiro's one of the best hitters ever, Deeder?

up to .379. this guy is an alien.

"Why do you not think Ichiro's one of the best hitters ever, Deeder?"

I agree with Deeder. He's been in the game for 4 years. You can't somebody somebody is one the greatest "ever" when talking about such a short time. He's definately one of the best in the game today, but his speed has a lot to do it. How many hits will he have when he can't beat out infield grounders or bunt anymore?

Don't get me wrong. He's a great ballplayer. He's smart in the field and on the bases. Probably the purest contact hitter in the game right now however it's tough to say if he's the best hitter in the game today nevermind "ever".

He isn't one of the best ever because his lack of power and his lack of walks. He's an excellent hitter to be sure, but nowhere near one of the best ever

I will admit, hes amazing, but the best pure hitter I have ever seen was Tony Gwynn, hands down.

Ichiro gets more at bats in games by hitting lead off!

Plus, people forget Gwynn once stole 70 bases before he gained weight.

His average before the 94 strike was .394

And I dont think he batted lead off much.

Either way, if he breaks it great, but to be honest, I am rooting against him.
I dont think hes anywhere near the best ever!

"He isn't one of the best ever because his lack of power and his lack of walks"

Therefore, Pete Rose isn't one of the best ever, seeing as he only hit 160 homeruns in 24 years.

The aforementioned Tony Gwynn isn't even in the top 100 in walks, so I guess he shouldn't be one of the all time greatest either.

Ichiro is on pace to hit more than his career high of 242 hits, which is the 9th most all time. The last time anyone hit more than that happened in 1930.

Let's talk about it in 10 years then. If he's still around, then great for him. I like his style. If he's just a flash in the pan then why bother wasting time arguing about it. He's certainly one of the best in the game currently.

One of the best of all time implies to me top 10 or top 20 or hell, top 50. Ichiro is a great hitter but can you say he is in the top 100 hitters ever?

with this short of a career and with no power? And with an OBP barely 40 points higher than his BA?

No way

He hasn't only been in the game for 4 years though. Didn't he win something like 7 batting titles in 7 years over in Japan? Granted, Japan isn't necessarily MLB quality, but that would be quite a feat even in the minors.