Icon: Fearless Lawler-Hose TV show

Here's the preview show for the Dec 15 Icon Sport: Fearless event, featuring Middleweight Champ Ruthless Robbie Lawler vs Hawaiian "Rocky Balboa" Kala Kolohe Hose.

The preview show airs on KFVE Channel 5 in Hawaii. The show repeats nightly at 11pm, but can be caught at a special 9:30pm broadcast on Sunday, December 2nd and Sunday December 9th.

Also on the card, top-ranked 135lb Mark Oshiro, BJ Penn's light heavyweight phenom Po'ai Suganuma, Egan Inoue protégé Tyson Nam, kickboxer-turned-MMA-star Kaleo Kwan, Cage Rage & EliteXC welterweight Paul Daley, and the debut of Rumble on the Rock's Ross "Da Boss" Ebanez. 15 bouts. 1 world title fight and 2 state title fights on the line.

Catch the event online at www.proelite.com.

Mahalo to our sponsors: Steinlager, Kau Inoa, Wahoo's Fish Taco, and Rockstar Energy Drinks.

Part 1 - intro

Part 2 - Kala Kolohe vs Lawler build-up

Part 3 - Other fighters on card

Part 4 - More on Kala Kolohe vs Lawler

Also thanks to the UG's/OG's "FCTV808" Mark Kurano for providing great commentary.

"I can't wait"

"its gonna happen"


"I'm gonna dance all over his face" Hahaha, Go Rob.


you can really see how much Lawler doesnt like doing interviews. whenever we fire up the cameras and sit him down, its always a battle between he and me. but after 30 mins of Q & A, he will inevitably give us a few soundbite gems.

i also like Kala Kolohe's "i see the fight going like this: Ding, Ding, 2 headaches, 1 knockout"

Kala got dis!

and DAT!


in the words of the immortal FCTV808; "oh man..."

Those were some excellent promo videos.

heres teh fctv version for next tuesday and teh next tuesday--you can watch at olelo.org tuesday night live at 1900 hawaii standard time. mahalo to graciedisc for hooking up the music!

oshiro. "oshiri" in japanese means... :)

"oshiri" in japanese means... :)

It literally translates to "ramen with cheese".


ps. don't google image search "oshiri". not a good idea. trust me. :(

Google image search "opai"!!!

you'll be sorry.

looks like some wicked fights.i think i will partake in the viewing of this fine event.fctv your show airs live at olelo.org?i will have to check it out.

the fights will be streamed live at proelite.com.

olelo.org is going to air fctv's news show, not the fights themselves.

fctv new episode will be live on olelo.org. i'd go there and check out how that works b4 though.