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FINALLY finished the blog...
Hope you guys enjoy...
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click me to check out the blog jackass... ;-)
Click me to check out the blog jackass...

Shane "No Love" Agena (O2 Head Instructor and Head of Competition Team) FINALLY gets some love from RAZE... :-)




Great write up! Thanks! That 1 point next to my name doesn't look too snappy though. I blame the injury ... yeah the injury lol.

after seeing the ghost-triangle pic i think it's safe to assume that everyone knows you had to bow out early...
plenty of tournaments to come where you'll get a chance to rack up a bunch more points... :-)

i'm sure t.jay will do something cool to award overall point winners for individuals and schools at the end of the year...
we'll have to think of something to make it worthwhile...
free icon tix maybe?...
i'll run it by the boss...

and how about a ttt from the rest of you guys lurkin?!?!!... :-)

lmao. Shane getting some love!

looks like hes cracking a smile.

wow i see there were a couple of 200lbs+ guys.

Thats Shane's evil grin i'm thinking.

 He's cracking something, but it's not a smile...if you know what I mean.  lol

Todd said he was trying to photoshop Anderson Silva into my ghost triangle pic so it looks like I went down from his vicious knees haha. Someone photoshop someone in my ghost triangle!

oh there already is my freng... to bad your only a mudnamer.

oh bother..

sim go! hes here