Icon 'HARD TIMES': Up-and-comer bout to watch

just signed Ola Silva of HMC vs Ian Dela Cuesta of Jesus Is Lord. Ola is a wrestling coach at Kamehameha and a school teacher in Mililani. Ian is the HFC amateur champ at 145lbs. both fighters will be making their pro debuts against each other at 140lbs.

i gotta admit that the fan in me gets excited about these types of bouts.

Sounds like a great match up.

Can't wait!

i havent seen Ola fight yet, but people tell me he could be a terror at 140lbs if he's developed right. I've saw Dela Cuesta fight at one of the small events - either Niko's or an HFC - and he was clearly one of the most talented fighters of the evening. in the fight I saw Dela Cuesta put together crisp, accurate combos and showed great TD defense. he was also really competitive and entertaining. happy to have both these guys join our show.

Wow Ola is fighting... interesting

He used to be an unreal power lifter in high school.

Great wrestler too

Ola hasn't had a fight go out of the first round yet. Your right Poai...strong like bull...looks like spartan....Gifted wrestler....fast hard hitting hands...and not to shabby in the BJJ realm as well. He will be one to watch for sure.

new song: replace the oleys w/ olas. game over.

Ola is a beast. He's definitely a marketable fighter.

ola is extremely knowledgeable and talented .he brings the heat and is a fierce competitor.one of the best partners ive ever had!

good luck---nah none needed
train safe!
its great to see you guys giving an up and commer a chance in your show!!!