Icon Mega Seminar June 16th

Free UFC 72 PPV at 9am...Free Seminar to follow!  You MUST reserve space.  Call 808-373-ICON (4266).


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throw up a ttt will ya?...
thanks in advance... :-)


holy shit

did i mention FREE?




WOW!!! Thats the first thing I've seen TJ to have for free!! Is Steve English
giving free weightlifting seminar also? J/K

*congrats on the new gym!!


Very nice T Jay!!!

They will be giving hair coloring seminar in our spa area.

"but wont leben and mayhem be instructing?"

"They will be giving hair coloring seminar in our spa area.

LOL!! electrichack gets POWN3D again!

TTT for that seminar. good deal.


Wow! A great line up with headliners for seminars. I can't believe you can offer this. If it wasn't in Niu Valley, I'd go. I'd feel bad training at the seminar for free knowing I wouldn't drive there to train regularly (too far, and loyal to current school). TTT for a great seminar, if I lived in HK, I'd be all over this.

clairol hair coloring seminar for men, humm now I might show up, fuck
the BJJ and MT shit!! lol

maybe i'd FINALLY be able to give you your damn shirts if you DID jjd... ;-)

Holy Crap!

damn! i got a wedding to go to that day. wish i still lived in HK.


All are welcome 1911......This seminar is more of a thank you for 12+years of MMA being supported in Hawaii....(although we are excited to show off our new gym as well!)

Thank me by sending me a plane ticket from Chicago.

Thanks in advance!

Reservations are filling up pretty darn fast.....