Idea for LHW Canadian Title.

It seems that Patry won't set up a title shot for the 2 best guy's in Canada (Jay Mac, and Mahood), because they live in western Canada.Instead he makes them jump through many hoops but never comes through with what he promises these guys.So I say fuck letting Patry decide who gets to fight for the belt and let the fighters decide who gets the shot.Do what Pride did and have a LHW tournment with the winner getting the TKO belt!

East vs West (West:Bill Mahood,Jason Macdonald,Cameron Brown,Chris Peak.)(East:Patrick Cote,Yan Pellerin,Rob Macdonald,Kristof Miduax.)

Iam in no way tring to ride the coat tales of Mahood and Jay Mac, as they are my friends.In fact I have no intrest in fighting anybody in Western Canada again, I would pefer fighting internationally.But if a tournment is what it would take for Mahood and Macdonald to get the shot they deserve right now I would put my head on the line for them.

Now Patry ethier give the 2 best LHW a shot at the title now or have a tournment and you will see what everybody else in Canada already knows and that is the best is in the WEST!

What do you guys think?

(also the TKO title right now IMO should be called the TKO LHW EASTERN CANADIAN title.)

Hey Chris, what's up? Good luck with the event, sounds like a great line up! By the way, heard you were in these parts a couple of weeks ago. You should have drop by for some training. I'm with you, we are all better off fighting outside of Canada but thanks for the thought...

Hey Jay Mac, Yeah I was in Edmonton 2 weeks ago and I hooked up with Victor, Shane, and Kieth and I tried to get Vic to train with me but it didn't work out.I would have gave you a call if I knew you could make the trip up from Red Deere.
I trained with Denis yesterday but Bill was over on the island at the time.Next weekend me and Ulisses are going over to train with Bill and Denis its to bad you aren't able to make it, going to be one hell of a trainig camp.But we will all be together soon....!

TTT for the West Coast connection.... :)