Idea for next year TUF

I would like to know what you guys think of next year having a USA vs. Brazil or Canada TUF? I think that the coaches can come from their respective countries, as well as the participants. I believe by ZUFFA going more global, it would help the ratings and the UFC would be more marketable.The USA vs. anyone angle seems to work well in other sports, so I feel it will do good here also.

As was said on various threads, I also beleive there has to be a weekly "guest", in which the UFC "introduces" one of their stars to the publc. The guest can teach a technique, or a submission to the participants.

I'm not saying that this years TUF wasn't good, I just think that would be better.

Not bad idea.

I have thought from the begining they should of had
guest fighters , what a great way to put the fighters

Bryster- good points. 1. They should show clips of the fighters past fights on the first episode to give the audience an idea of why they belong there. 2. They should take the fighters on a trip. The house got old after a while. 3. Tournament format- everyone fights once before they fight again.

I would love a USA-Canadia angle. Lots o' bloody Canucks.

"...a dick slicking jam..."


They also need to reinstate the light weights this is the most
stacked exciting division in mma.

I woiuld like to see them do it with the 170 & 155lbs classes.

nationally I believe that the 170lb class has the most talent and the 155lb class is the most exciting.

i think they need to bring in non-competing sparring partners to cut down on the injuries. there were 2 cuts in just the first episode caused by guys going too hard

Definitely go with the 170 and 155er's those weight classes are stacked with talent.

"I woiuld like to see them do it with the 170 & 155lbs classes."


Guest fighters are a must next year. Have fighters come in that will be on whatever PPV they are going to be hyping up at the type. Having the coaches be the two guys in the main event was a good idea. The more cross promotion of the PPV's they have like this the better.

I hope a regular hour long weekly UFC show comes from this eventually. Bring on fighters from the upcoming PPV as guests for interviews. And show fights. Some taped, and some live from time to time.

you can take a lot of things from "the contender"

tournaments move on to the semi's and finals from fighting, once u win u move onto next roud.

Start fights earlier, I think 2nd episode would be best.

Nobody gets eliminated from not fighting like 2 guys did this season.

rewards for teams that win. (nights out, meeting fighters like Tito etc)

Also I think they should make it all one weight class, that being 170lbs.

I would love to see some more Canadian fighters on
there, we have a lot better talent here than Thacker
thats for sure, he did not represent Canada very well.
Not only did he not even fight he gave up after the
first training session, that was sad.

One of the weight divisions is going to be heavyweight.  Dana says so here:

I hope they do heavyweight and welterweight....