Idea for Vince Explosion Angle

Since we're going to get the whole "Vince Death" angle shoved down our throats anyway, and it looks like they're trying to turn it into a "Whodunit?" (a la Rikishi running over Stone Cold a few years ago), I thought of a way to end the angle that might actually salvage it with the fans:

FRAT warning

On this next Raw (the 3 hour edition dedicated to Vince), have Linda McMahon do a "State of the WWE" address (or whatever you want to call it). She comes out, and says something along the lines of:

"Since the explosion, there has been a lot of speculation, and lot of rumor, and a lot of innuendo. People are already pointing fingers. The FBI has their leads. I wanted results, so, on the side, I decided to hire a top notch private investigator. I didn't care what he did - I wanted answers. Just a few days ago, he came upon a lead - a big lead. He found out who was behind the explosion. I confronted that man earlier today, and I want him to come out RIGHT NOW to explain his actions."

out walks Eric Bishoff holding a copy of his book "Controversy Creates Cash"

Eric gets on the mic:

"That's right - it was me. I was behind the whole thing. You see, just like in my book, Controversy Creates Cash..."

crowd boos like crazy

"Oh, come on! Mick Foley comes out for cheap pops for his books all the time!"

poses like Foley

"Like I was saying, Controversy DOES indeed create cash. I proved a ton of times. You see, I'm the king of controversy. I'M the one who turned Hogan into a bad guy. I'M the one who gave away taped Raw results on a live Nitro. I'M the one who got a former WWE Women's champ to throw her WWE belt into the garbag live on Nitro. I'M the one who hired Rick Rude, and put him on a live Nitro, so that he'd be on TWO SHOWS at the same time." (List other controversial things here as well if needed.) "When Vince lost his ECW belt to Lashley, I knew he was mad. He was sad. He was pissed! But, I knew there was something that would...brighten his mood. Something that Vince loves just as much as I do - power. And with power, comes cash. So, I came up with a BRILLIANT idea for that horrific explosion."

King and JR talk about how terrible Bishoff is to kill Vince to make money

"But I couldn't do this by myself. I needed a partner to make this happen. And, I'll let him speak for himself..."


Vince McMahon struts out

JR and King go crazy

Vince hits the ring with the whole diatribe about how people think they hated him, and look at how much they missed him. Look at how much the WWE - "his baby" - did to honor him, blah, blah, blah.

Linda is off to side and is disgusted

Vince goes over to her to try and console her and tell her that he couldn't let her in on it. That he was sorry to her, blah, blah, blah.

Linda responds:

"You know, Eric, you're right. Controversy DOES create cash. It also creates something else - confusion. Vince, you son-of-a-bitch! You let us all think you were DEAD! But it's kind of fitting, though. You see, you were WWE Chairman. And the Board of Directors can't not have a Chairman. And, since we all thought you were dead, we had call an emergency meeting of the board of directors to order - a new chairman has been elected."

Vince is pissed and stunned

"You tell me who it is dammit!"

Linda repsonds:


crowd goes crazy

"You see Vince, since we thought you were no longer alive, we had to do away with all your ties to the company. You no longer work for the WWE - for your baby."

Vince is still pissed and rambles about how she can't do that

"Vince, let me put it into words I know you can understand. I know you can understand them b/c you've said them A THOUSAND TIMES. Vince, YOU'RE FIRED!!"

Linda leaves the ring and show goes off air

good idea

hence, they won't do that.........

hmm Linda is horrible on the mic and in front of the camera...dont think it'd fly at all

"hmm Linda is horrible on the mic and in front of the camera...dont think it'd fly at all"

True, but I'd rather see her do it then Shane or Stephanie...

"Just like the Rakishi angle, the "doer" will be some tool they're trying to push."

Davairi just got drafted to don't reckon they're bringing back Muhammed Hassan, do you?

Hassan was actually Italian and I think is currently working in Hollywood as a stunt guy

That sounds pretty cool actually.

Matters of whether it would really fly and who could carry the mic or not aside - Wiggy, you a genius....