Ideas for a new scoring system

Well once again after UFC 208, there are more controversial decisions, and the ineffectiveness of the scoring system is once again highlighted.
It is clear that we need a new scoring system, and in my opinion that needs to be a complete overhaul and reform. What kind of ideas do ya'll have for a new scoring system? Share your thoughts.

I think maybe a system based on points given for effective offense, maybe defense, and for the octagon control, aggressiveness like the old system. Everyone starts at 0 and say one fighter's landing shots consistently. 1 point.
Or maybe there's a certain amount of points to be distributed for each aspect. 1 point for striking. 1 point for damage. 1 point for takedowns. 1 point for grappling. Whoever wins in each category gets the point for that round.
These are just general ideas and the details would need to be worked out but the current 10 point must system comes directly from boxing and does not translate to mma. There needs to be changes and I think the UFC needs to lead the way and get a brand new system implemented.
What do you think and what ideas do you have?