ideas for park workouts?

I train BJJ 2-3 times per week and do some stand up training. Additionally, I work out in the local park. I have just moved to a new appartment and the local park has excercise stations every few hundred yards.

So far, my workout consists of running (obviously), pullups, box jumps, sit ups (decline bench) and raised leg press-ups. I am building the numbers of each using a pyramid system.

What I am after is other body weight excercises that I can add in. I am particularly looking for anything that will build up my leg size. (my legs are looking v skinny since I don't have access to free weights to do squats and deads any more.

Sorry to split hairs, but the Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times.

I read an article where a guy talked about high octane cardio (HOC). He suggested running 100m, then do 50 pushups, run another 100 or 200, then do 50 squats, then run 100 and do 50 crunches, etc. I did it hard core onetime and I threw up so badly that my balls were dangling under my chin.

combat grappler has some awesome park workouts

Start fighting people that come into your park, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

Nothing screams "PSYCHOPATH" like shadowboxing in the park.


I used to go to the park to workout during my lunch break. I would do sprints and I would bring sandbags to do some olympic style lifts and tabata style lifts with them. It got me in great fighting shape.

Do tabata squats but instead of resting for 10 seconds stay in the full squat position for 10 seconds. Do them for 2 minutes, then rest 1 minute, then do 2 minutes again. It's a killer.

thanks for the ideas. Will definitely add squats with sprints, any way to increase the resistance on a squat without using weights (A la raising feet to increase resistance on a pushup)?

SFBJJ, unfortunately even the park wardens carry guns here in Mexico so that would most likely be a one time only workout!

Agreed with shadow boxing in the park making you look like a tool. I want to do it as I live in a small appartment and don't have space at home, I just feel embarassed to. Need to get my training partner down the park so we can spar!

One legged squats work.

Also, you can try uneven squats.

(One leg elevated on a curb or step)

The monkey bars kick so much ass.

They'll work your shoulder flexibility and your ballistic grip strength.

Make a sandbag or sandbags, take it/them to the park and workout with it/them. See the many sandbag threads for more details...

Go here and take your pick:

Scrapper Workouts

Good luck and have fun!


CB..Weather is great now, so I intend to train at the park for now and the rest of the summer.

I did walking lunges for a distance, burpess, lunges, pushups, lunges, squats. Possibilities are endless. Going to do some HOC tommorrow. You could also put together a sandbag and take it there!

You could also get a dragging sled and a harness and do sled drag work...

Also, if there's a convenient, strong, tall structure around, with easy access (yeah, I know, not likely) you could hang a piece of rope up to climb.

You could also try making a portable sledgehammer target and take a it and a sledgehammer to the park and do a sledgehammer workout.

You could also probably buy a few sledgehammers, cut the handles down to different lengths and use them somewhat like clubbells.

I'm worried about looking like a tool shadow boxing in the park and you guys are suggesting turning up with sand bags a tyre and a sledgehammer. Now that will get some funny looks from the park warden. I need to work on the Spanish for, "a man on the internet told me to do it"

Cheers for all the ideas!