ideas to not be bored doing cardio

I like to watch the news while I do cardio. It's an easy way to let half hour to an hour pass.

"the hardest part for me when doing cardio is staying motivated for 30-45 mins."

Areb you kidding me. That is a jaunt in the park. Do something worthwhile cardio wise in that time frame son


here is an example of hiit training:

Awesome, thanks a lot.

Donseal, do a google on TAKU HIIT. It's a killer but well worth it for the fitness gains.
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I did this Sunday, will do something similar today...

1st trip. Run, 40 pushups, run, 60 hindu sqauts, run, 15 pullups, run to finish line. Rest one minute

2nd trip Run, 10 full burpees, run, 70 Hindu squats, run, 10 pullups, run, 25 pushups, sprint to finish line.

3rd trip Run, 10 4 count mountain climbers, run, 80 hindu squats, run, 15 pullups, run, 30 pushups, sprint to finish.

Total distance covered, 1 1/2 miles

Finisher circuit..No rest between excercises or cycles:

20 hindu squats, 20 pushups, 8 pullups 5 cycles