IE broken

A little while ago I logged onto, and when the "this page should update in 6 seconds or click here" prompt came up I decided to "click here." Internet Explorer promptly crashed out, and everytime I try to reopen it, it thinks for a bit but nothing else happens.

I can't seemt to reinstall it, can anyone help?

A little help please?

Does it not load at all, or just not load any webpages?

since you're using IE, i figure that you're not cleaning your disk, defragging, removing unused programs, using firefox and removing spyware.

several articles out yesterday that highlighted the fact that many calls to dell are for these reasons. it's costing them money and customers cause dummies blame dell for their computer problems.


  1. Download, install, update and run these programs: Ad-Aware and SpyBot, to remove ad/spyware:

  1. Try out Firefox which is a great alternative to IE!

M$ also likes to disregard RFC's, IEEE's, or any other open standards if
it benefits them, although it's not compliant. And IE is not compliant.

Doesn't load at all. I get the little hour glass, like it's thinking it'll start up, and then it just stops. Other programs load up fine,I just can't figure out why this one stopped working.

I'll definately check out firefox. But I removed spyware and defragged around 6 weeks ago.

i clean disk, remove spyware and update my computer's protection at least once day.


how much time do you have?

you can schedule it to occur at 3 in the morning..

auto update has a scheduler, and you can use the scheduler to automate cleanup and call a spyware utility command line on a schedule..

works while you sleep

to reinstall IE you can do this;en-us;318378

print it out at the library or a friends house..

get this and put on a usb keychain to use after the reg key deletion

Can't you just uninstall and then reinstall the program?

the US govt couldn't get MS to allow uninstall OF IE, only icon hiding...