IE help!!!!!

Ok I got a weird one for you guys. This crap just started the other day. In IE I cannot type a website in the browser and go to it, however I can go to any of the sites in my favorites. Also if I go to google, which is in my favorites, I can type any website in google and click on any of the search results and I can go to any site. It's just I can't type a site in the browser window. Also its not a connectivity problem as 1) I'm here on the OG asking for help and 2) I can type sites into netscape and get anywhere I want to go. Therefore I suspect it's just an IE problem. Any suggestions?

try the new IE, more secure & tabbed browsing:

or just use firefox

Thanks for the suggestions. Just turns out that my pc was fucking with me or I'm a tard, one or the other. I'm leaning more towards the tard explanation. :)