If a 9/11 type of attack happened now, would the lunatic left support the terrorists?

I remember seeing videos on 9/11 of people in shit hole countries dancing in the streets, burning the American flag and chanting, “death to USA”. I remember thinking I would like nothing more than to see a bomb detonate right on top of them.

If a 9/11 type of attack happened in America currently, would we see these types of scenes in places like Portland and Seattle? I think we would.

I also think we’d see liberal and progressive politicians not condemn the attack. They’d try to justify it by saying it was caused by systemic racism.

I hope I’m wrong. But I don’t think I am.


I remember those videos as well.

Scary to think of how people would react after the lockdown.

I love these hypotheticals.

Now do the lunatic right supporting plowing through protestors.


The left openly either embraces or tolerates Communist domestic terrorists so yes they will celebrate it by and large. The non-lunatic left will remain silent, just how they enabled 6 months of domestic terrorism in 2020 during a pandemic with a national lockdown.


So you’re saying that if some nut plows through a crowd of people, conservatives will celebrate it, burn the flag and chant “death to USA”?

I completely disagree.


Depends what color they are…

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OP, do you even Biden?

The only thing that’s going to bring around a terror attack the scale of 9.11 again is White Supremacists!

IM saying both sides have their fucking retards. For some reasons a lot of conservatives on this site cant grasp that simple truth


The left was always more sympathetic to Muslims and terrorists than the right, so yes they would find some explanation to justify the terrorists actions just like they did with the BLM riots.


Not the normal protesters. They can can protest all day. I’m fine with it. But when they surround cars and start breaking windows and shit, then floor it. You gotta keep yourself safe (and family if they are with you). Those aren’t the normal peaceful protesters.


Ok, but only one side openly hates America.

I think we both know which side.


lol ok, whatever dumb excuses you have to make, go for it.

I don’t know if they would openly celebrate it, but they would for sure blame republicans.

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I don’t see Conservative athletes turning their backs on the American flag when the Anthem is played.

The point of the thread is the lunatic left hates America so much it would support a terrorist attack. Nothing you’ve said yet has remotely changed my perception.


They do, but your sides retards hate this country, hate Christianity and hate white men.


please bro, there are lots of conservatives that hate this country too, hate atheists and hate black people. We can play this game alllllll day.

I’ll never forget 9/12. Everyone came together as Americans. Democrats / Republicans, Bloods / Crips, etc.

On 9/12 we were all just Americans.


A year ago we were told we were not allowed to travel, eat in a restaurant, and needed to wear masks to do anything. During that BLM, Antifa, and other Communist terrorists committed nightly terrorism. They would hang signs off of bridges stating to “Kill Cops” as law enforcement murder fantasies are part of their personality trait. All of this was going on a year ago to this day. Yet this uncomfortable truth passes by leftists like it is no big deal. Any act that could be viewed as an attack on the right (America) will either be openly celebrated or ignored that these ghouls would be all over social media flaunting about it. Who the fuck do any of you think you are kidding?


Except for the people in the country that were cheering on the terrorists.

That wasn’t the question bro, the question was if a 9/11 attack happened now which I assume to mean from a group of muslim based terrorists. We don’t hate black people as a whole just the ones that act like animals and I don’t know any on the right that don’t love the country, just maybe they hate the people that run it.