If a 9/11 type of attack happened now, would the lunatic left support the terrorists?

That was probably the only good thing to come out of 9/11. Everyone was United together more that I’d ever seen and haven’t since.

I miss that America.


Yeah, they would say all sorts of crazy things like, the Republican president received a document titled “bin Laden determined to strike and US“ and intelligence briefings on how al-queda (born of and trained by your cia) is training fighters to use airplanes as missiles well in advance of the attacks but allowed them to happen because SOMEBODY needed an attack that would catalyze their war machine into following a false narrative about rogue states and “weapons of mass destruction”, and they just lucked out and happened to get their “new pearl harbor,” where all the witnesses to the skyjacking somehow made cellphone calls at 600 mph to describe what happened before they crashed. Have you ever made a call from a flying airplane? And why would you say “lefties?” The people begging for cessation are also the ones who think that they are patriotic. If they can’t wrap their minds around that simple conundrum, well, why can’t you? Also, if you’re at all familiar with the conspiracy theory community, you will see that free thinkers have been replaced by wannabe fascist ideologues and other red flag-waving men begging for “strongman” leadership. People like yourself. Seriously, go to Godlikeproductions.com and take a sniff around. You’ll come back smelling exactly the same.

Finally: when you say you want to “make america great again”, WHEN exactly was the high mark you would like to return to?

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You’re right. I think this is just a dumb thread started to create even more divide and get those pitchforks ready.

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You don’t know anybody on the right that does not love the country, yet it was all people on the right that tried to overthrow it. Sit down, dopey. If you cannot see the paradox, you should loosen, or tighten, your necktie

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Tried to overthrow it, wow. We got another cartoon character here.


You’re an idiot, we love the country, just not the idiots currently running it. We love what the country stood for, what the Constitution states and how it was before you liberal assholes began to ruin it, so you can have a seat you french faggot.


This is the type of idiotic generalization I’d expect from a child. While I get conservatives have been pummeled for years with the notion that the entire left hates America and would enjoy nothing more than to literally destroy the country, the reality is that the country has done better consistently under Democratic (if not Liberal, at least left-leaning) leadership.

And by done better I mean the way that is most important to many conservatives: The economy. So if you think that improving the economy equates to hating a country, well then you’ve got me.

So instead of getting your completely moronic talking points from Fox News and OAN, try reading a history book - And let me clarify, a history book not written by Glenn Beck or other right wing commentator and/or does not contain the word “radical” or “liberals” in the title.

Btw, right now Biden’s bi-partisan infrastructure plan is intended to do more to make America better than anything Trump accomplished. Biden wants better bridges, roads, networks, etc.; Trump wanted only to build a wall to keep Mexicans out.

Lol. Literally burning cities is good for the economy? Because that’s all your side seems to be good at.

This sort of thing has (more or less) already happened.
Remember when we took out Soleimani, literally only what - a few days - after he orchestrated a raid on the US Embassy in the Green Zone? We had celebrities & influencers tweeting apologies to Iran & asking them to “please don’t start a war with us”.


You mean trying to not get dragged out of their cars that are being beat on by fucking animals?

Lying sack of shit


No you can’t

It’s not even comparable, you know this. You say shit like this to rationalize with yourself, you know the left is fucking bonkers so you say “there’s bad on the other side too” to justify it.


If it happened in a red state they absolutely would. Hollywood twitter twats would be gloating 24/7 on social media.


Do people not remember??

They fucking supported it then.

“The real victims are the muslims who will suffer the stigma because of this tragic accident committed by people who are not true muslims”

Google 'dancing Israelis ’

The left is the anti American party and has been for decades


You’re an idiot, we love the country, just not the idiots that were running it. We love what the country stood for, what the Constitution states, and how it was before you conservative assholes began to ruin it, so you can have a seat you trashy asshole.

Works both ways, mate. You complain about TDS, while having liberal/biden derangement. Conservatives are the ones that pushed citizens united and empowered corporations with political speech and now they are mad at the power of ‘woke’ corporations. Conservatives pushed through the patriot act, and are now mad at the government monitoring its citizens. I’ve never seen anyone turn their backs so quickly on their heroes as conservatives in the last four years - LEOs (love them until they hold you accountable), Pence, Mattis, McRaven, Barr, McConnell, etc. - all conservatives stalwarts or institutions that got shit on as soon as they weren’t 100% lock step with you.

For the OP, I guess it’s possible, but I think it’s more likely a significant number of conservatives, especially the representatives here, call it a false flag by liberals to push more federalization and deny that it happened. Probably depends on who is ‘in power’ at the time.

As a liberal, I know no one in the US that ‘celebrated’ the attacks, nor would if it happened again.

honestly, the country needs something very bad to happen to bring the country together. It’s like brothers. They will kill each other in the backyard but if someone did shit to either of them, they’d fight side to side

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Literally never met a single person who’d ever support terrorism like that. You guys pay far to much attention to attention seeking Twitter users, people aren’t like that in real life

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The trick is to make up a hypothetical, get mad about the hypothetical, then only remember that you got angry while setting aside that it was a made-up situation in the first place. Then you can confirm all your biases without ever having to leave your own head.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we had Pat Robertson saying 9/11 was a punishment from God for tolerating gay people.

Go on.

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I doubt anyone outside of truly insane people would celebrate that we were attacked.

I do however suspect that an APPALLING amount of people on the left (and yes, a few on the right as well) would do the terrorist-attack equivalent of asking why the rape victim wore such a short skirt - i.e., they’d blame America for the event instead of the person/people who actually did it.

Ok, so did we just imagine BLM and Antifa burning down cities, rioting and destroying property?

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