If a 9/11 type of attack happened now, would the lunatic left support the terrorists?

Apparently, this never happened and if it did it was ok because of reasons, bigots…



The question was if the Left would support 9/11 if it happened today. What are you talking about?

It doesn’t work both ways, it doesn’t even make sense. You people are seriously brain dead, you’re stupid. Your side is looking for radical changes and do so when in power not the other way around.

Yes, numb-nuts. When the people we elect go against what we elected them for, we turn our back to them. It’s not that hard of a concept you muppet, unlike you…as long as they have a D next to their name they’re untouchable…Kamala Harris could lock up record numbers of black people on minor bullshit and you’re like YEAH! Harris (D) is VP!!! while simultaneously raging that black people are being locked up for minor bullshit. You’re retarded, there’s a mental block in your brain that truly believes D is good and R is bad or better yet D is liberal and R is conservative…those are just arbitrary names, they aren’t static, they change…people voting Republican now are NOT your fathers or grandfathers Republicans. If you truly are a classic, run of the mill liberal, there’s no doubt or question you should be voting Republican at this time. There are literally two sides right now, people for America and people against America, there isn’t a time where this is more true than today.


I’m showing that the left clearly cheered on or tolerated terrorism for 6 months last year. The right scenario, they would cheer it on again because accepting it or ignoring it was proven out last year after months of it going on nightly for the entire spring and summer of 2020.


The point of the thread was whether the left hates the country so much that it would support a 9/11 type of attack.

You came in and said it was a made-up hypothetical that would only confirm biases.

Myself and other posters are giving you past examples of the length the left has gone to show its disdain for America. So, supporting a terrorist attack is plausible.

Part of a debate is giving examples of past behavior that support your position.

Follow along…

Left wing terroism is still happeing, and accepted, I guess. But that one day where people acted like idiots in the capitol, is the most imprtant thing to hang on to.


Define ‘protestors’

Any other ways you want to try and insult me? LoL. You didn’t actually go against anything I said. I don’t expect you to know everything I post, but you’re on here enough and in these specific threads enough to know I am not a die-hard Democrat without seeing shades of grey. I didn’t create this thread going through shitting all over everyone and everything ‘Conservative.’ Don’t be upset when someone holds up a mirror and shows some of the hypocrisy on the other side as well.

I think that there isn’t an event that could take place that would bring the country together at this point.

Except 9/11 was a thing that actually happened, and we know what the response was. It also wasn’t so long ago that today’s leftists don’t still have their own impressions of it. And the answer is no, it was not a super popular event.

Part of the debate was a right-winger saying that it was actually a Jewish conspiracy. Anyone want to check him on that?

Aliens. But only if they landed in the cities first.

Would you agree that a lot has changed in 20 years?

We’ve had recent riots where parts of cities were burned down. We’ve had part of a city taken over as some kind of sovereign nation. We have an entire movement dedicated to defunding (and sometimes even killing), cops.

We have a national politician who referred to 9/11 as “some people did something”.

Yeah, I think it’s a fair discussion to have.

Why would the left get mad if “some people did some things” ?

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I’ve been told “silence is violence” yet from May until September there was daily domestic terrorism in Democrat controlled American cities. Burning down multiple cities was tolerated in the name of social justice. Why would I think people that hate out country from within wouldn’t celebrate attacks on it? It was proven out in 2020.


Regarding what people’s reactions would be to 3000 people being murdered in an iconic landmark? No, not by much.

But as long as we are making up divisive and insulting counterfactuals about one of the most traumatic events in American history, I’m not completely convinced that conservatives would have the same reaction to 9/11 happening in a “democrat-controlled city” now. There would be more Pat Robertsons.

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Look up Ta-Nehisi Coates & his response to Sept 11th victims & racism - including him calling first responders “menances of nature”.

You aren’t as bright as you think you are

So the same people burning down American cities from within would be devastated if that city was destroyed from the outside?

Disagree. But maybe you can convince me why I’m wrong.

It must sting for leftists here to have to read me speak pure truths of what happened in 2020 and they can’t muster up an actual reply because it all is the truth. Sucks, don’t it?


The biggest issue with liberals is you all live in your shuttered world of denial. You binge-watch CNN, read the NY Times and refuse to look at the world around you for what it really is. When you do glance at the real world and see: BLM protestors rioting, looting and burning down businesses and you call it mostly peaceful, our borders being overrun by illegals and claim there’s no crisis at the border, see all the shootings going on in inner cities that have the strictest gun control laws and blame guns.

I’d almost respect something you said if your rhetoric was anything more than just regurgated crap from generations of liberals. What have your policies done to help the black man, lower inner city poverty, reduce crime in inner cities. You run all the major cities and you have done zero to improve their lot in life except blame white people for being racist.

Liberals kneel at our anthem, turn their back on our flag, rally to kill cops, spit on our military and you want me to believe you love our country…

Edited, I was rude in my response to Sprout and don’t think it was warranted after reading his response so I edited it out. .

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