If A beats B....

guys please stop with the if A beats B and B beats C and A almost lost to C and C lost a close decision to F then A and B could both be undefeated type mathematics!!!

it drives me insane!!! it has no relevance...it does not determine skill level. who cares about world wide mma b.s. rankings.

you guys are mental when you start talking like this.

any given night anyone can beat anyone. its part of the game. math is not!


lol seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yeah, why look at results in determining matchups, it can't possibly indicate who may beat who... ?!?!?!?

Yes, there is a certain element of styles making fights, but this is a sport with logical contenders and titles, those two things are generally worked out by results.

The term 'Styles make fights' is just as often used as a tool for a fan championing their fave fighter.

MMA Pythagorean Theorum, imo.

If A beats B something about A is better than B! Whether or not that something is better than a C's that B had beaten depends on the circumstances.

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