If a team beats your team

Do you root for them or against them? I root for them on the reasoning that if they beat us and then go on to lose that just makes us look worse. That's why I'm rooting for the Suns vs. the Clippers.

But some people take the opposite side and just want the team that beat them to lose. Makes no sense IMO, if they lose it just makes your team look worse.


Honestly, last year I was rooting for the pistons to beat the spurs in the finals, mainly because I was just so fucking pissed off and crushed about the way the WCFs went down. But now I would definately root for the team that beat us. Like if for example the clip show won two straight and took it, i would be all for them in the WCF.

And that goes for just about any other team. Except for the Lakers. Fuck the Lakers. I hope they all rot.