if Biden doesn't immediately stop WALL construct.

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If Biden stops construction, would that be a sign it was a bad idea?

it would be a sign that the LEFT thought it was a bad idea

If he continues construction.. It means the Left and the Right believed it was a good idea. But the Left fought against what the believed was right because Trump wanted it

The point is it doesn't matter what Biden does, it doesn't mean it was a good idea or bad idea. Your standards for determining what is a good idea and what isn't, don't make any sense.

if trump built it - its because he believed it was a good idea

if trump supporters voted trump - its because they thought it was a good idea

Here is where it gets tricky... so pay attention

if biden continues to build - he believes it was a good idea. if he didnt... he would shut it down with the quickness.

but biden supporters were against it.. how do they reconcile that

Because 99% of the people who voted for Biden in the general election hate him but thought he was the candidate with the best likelihood of beating Trump, whom they felt was worse.

This is also true of 95% of the people who voted for him in the Democratic primaries.

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Him being pro wall would be a literal 360

A literary 720....

supersonic - Biden admin is going to turn back any mechanisms that Trump admin tried using to stem illegal immigration and then he will scold the black leaders that they are going to be even more of a minority and better get used to working with Latinos.

The latter part already happened

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If he puts another penny into it that is not already obligated by contract, then he is as stupid as Trump.

Contrary to liberal popular belief the wall does help Border Patrol with apprehensions. 

it corals people and they get caught easier


thats it


dont break your skull trying to comprehend this simple fact 

There are better ways to spend the money that are more effective at helping border patrol agents with apprehensions. 

like what?


walls work period. 

So i guess if biden “fills in the gaps” the wall was a good idea?

If not why keep construction going?

It is already full tilt trying to get Texas to be blue. Governor Abbott is fighting it as best as he can
… He really hates biden because by is a piece of shit

I’m not sure I understand. Is that a “yes” to my question? You think if we want to know if something is good or bad, just ask Biden?

Notice how partisan kasac can’t answer

I understand you guys are coming off 4 years of (everything Trump does) = good idea, but the rest of us find it odd to think that if Biden does something then it must be a good/bad idea based on that evidence alone. You guys are weird.

of course you dont understand … hyou’re special needs

but let me break it down for you simpleton

Trump = wall = good idea
biden = wall = bad idea
this is up for debate

if biden continues wall then we change the formula to biden = wall = good idea… then its universal … the wall is a good idea.

man, are you always this slow?

no - we just use logic and critical thinking

if both parties actually agree… ( like say finishing construction on the wall ) then can you say the wall was actually a good idea.

Both parties can agree on something completely stupid, that doesn’t make it a good idea (consider marijuana laws). Stop thinking like a Trump supporter. Damn you guys care more about politicians than you do actual politics. No wonder you loved Trump so much.

Yeah you’re really accomplishing something here by pointing that out. You should probably keep responding to trolls over and over so that they can hijack threads.

Ok… but the wall is demonstrably a good idea.

The border patrol almost unanimously supports it.

Of course the wall / fence / physical barrier is a good idea. It was a good idea when the dems wanted it … and a good idea when trump advocated for it … and a good idea now

If the biggest reason not to build it is perceived racism lol what isn’t racist today.

Question is
Will ksac dig in his heels and go down swinging in this thread. Or will he abandon thread and show up somewhere else spewing his ignorance