if Bigfoot vs Fedor happened in the Bodog days

everyone would be going apeshit sideways...

and i mean before bigfoot got his huge chin knockedoff by pele..

god what happened to pele?!?!?! i remember i met that guy at a tattoo expo like forever ago....totally forgot about him..hmm anyway...how times change...

10'ers off to google "eric Pele"..go on swoosh you little teners..off you go thats a good boys..

pele retired I believe

There was a ton of hype behind him for a minute

I saw that KO live... it sounded brutal

Eric Pele was a Samoan dude who used to bounce at a club in San Francisco

Erec Pele can bang like all Samoans can! its genetic or something.
I have never met a Samoan that wasent a tough dude.. they can look fat and out of shape and never done a days training in there lives and they will still kick ass.
I trained with this Samoan dude about 5 years ago and he had only been training 6 months and was 320 he had dropped 30lb in the 6 months.
This guy knew nothing on the ground but he was realy hard to tap, I mean he had over 110lb on me and he just got up when I was in mount....lol! the only thing I could get him with was ancle locks.

Tough sob! Samoans for you!

samoans are fucken tough. fa'afafini are tougher.

He is busy tattooing.

All talk and no vid?

I miss Bodog....

Sadly looks like a bad stoppage. And I think he beat werdum.