If Bruiser Brody hadn't been murdered...

 How do you feel he would have fared in the 90s and new decade of pro wrestling?

Do you think he would have ever made it to one of the big two and been part of the Monday Night Wars? Would he have been a staple of ECW, where his rebellious "I don't give a fuck" attitude would have molded brilliantly?

What do you think?

I think he would have been like a "Sabu" of that period. More of a indy cult favorite.

^ Agreed.

The Smarks would have loved him, and the promoters (that actually mattered) would have had no time for his attitude and bullshit.

How old was Brody when he died? Unsure if his age would have caught up with him. Just because Terry Funk could still go at his age in the 90s doesnt mean that just anybody could. Phone Post

Died at age 42 in 1988, so yeah, he'd be in the twilight of his career by then.

But even if you wanted to get hypothetical and put him in his "prime" during that time period, he would have still fucked himself with his attitude and uncooperative nature.

There was just simply too much talent around back then to play hardball like Brody liked to do.

That said, ironically enough, I always thought (whether he meant to or not) that he actually had a natural talent for making other guys look good, even when they were jobbing to him.


Pretty cool shoot-type of interview with Brody.

Looks can be deceiving....he was clearly a very smart man who had a vision that spanned all corners of the wrestling spectrum. As a worker, he could be difficult, but I think part of that was because he was smart enough to know his own value.

 no, Brody was his own worst enemy

he was supposed to appear at the first Wrestlmania but WWF found him too difficult to deal with 

true story

Brody was by no means a stupid man. He knew his value, he knew his worth, but most of all he knew the shitty nature of promoters and refused to be fucked by them.

I honestly think in the early years of ECW, Brody would have and could have been a major player. I also could see him in WCW around 1992-1994 and making a run at the top as a challenger to Hogan and company.

Tomorrow, I got a match I want to put on here, Bruiser Brody vs. Texas Red (who has gone on to have a pretty damn good career in his own right-- The Undertaker.)

Brody was really a solid worker. One dimensional style, but he did that style better than most.

He would have had a career much the same as Abdullah the Butchers in the 90s

Sharp guy who understood the business.

So... dead of a drug overdose or blackballed to the county fair circuit by Vince.

"He would have had a career much the same as Abdullah the Butchers in the 90s"

what do you mean? he would open a resteraunt that sold chinese food and ribs?

Joe - "He would have had a career much the same as Abdullah the Butchers in the 90s"

what do you mean? he would open a resteraunt that sold chinese food and ribs?

Mostly wrestling in Japan, Puerto Rico, and indy scene. Maybe a brief and embarrassing stint in WWF or WCW.

DSaint -  Brody would have never been anything more than he was. He didn't want to play ball and was pretty selfish in the ring. He was the king of no-selling and is probably the most overrated wrestler of his time.

Now tell us how you really feel. I think that Brody would have worked until the early 90's and then been a backstage guy for the rest of his career.

I would have liked to see a fued with him and Big van vader in japan, or one last Terry Funk like run in old school ECW.

Probably Paul E would have brought him in to fight Taz, like he did Doctor death.

DSaint - 
Sans Lubricant - Wow did D just drop knowledge or what?

 Kids just don't know my nig. I keep it 100.

Not a kid by any means. I'm 34. I will admit my Brody knowledge is limited. Backstage stuff I mean. I thought he was a good in ring guy that cut some cool promos.

If Brody sucked as much as internet fans today like to think, he would've never been a main event talent for both NJPW and AJPW. He was booked as a monster heel over there, which means that he wasn't supposed to bump like Mr. Perfect on crack or sell like Ricky Morton with a legit injury! I'm not a huge Brody mark, but I think he did a great job of making the marks believe and working the style he did -- come on, his knee drops, suplexes, and one-handed bodyslams were FUCKING brilliant, because they were so controlled while keeping in line with his wild man gimmick. Working like your gimmick or making a feud seem like more than business-as-usual sadly seems to be a lost art, by and large; smart fans today would boo Valentine-Piper or Magnum-Tully, two of the best brawls ever, due to the lack of spots. Could he be a bit lazy, hell yes! Did he draw money every where he went even with his mercurial nature? Damn skippy. The thing I find funniest with the Brody hate is how everyone now feels Hansen was better. Eh. Hansen could work at a faster pace, but, JESUS CHRIST, he was more dangerous in a worked match than most people are in a bar fight! He knocked out Kawada's teeth, nearly killed one of the Blackhearts, and knocked Vader's eye OUT OF ITS SOCKET! I love to watch Hansen, but I can't imagine anyone looked forward to working him.

Sorry for the caps. I'm drunk and wound up. :D

Didn't hansen also break Bruno's neck?

Show me videos of how good Gordy was...