If Bruiser Brody hadn't been murdered...

I'll have to say, though, that Brody and Swenson match posted is a good example of why I thought he was a fun guy to watch. Since he really didn't sell much at all, most of his matches (that I've seen, at least) kept a very frenetic pace with a lot of back and forth brawling action.

Btw, that may have been the first time I've ever seen a chairshot to the CHEST.

 All I've learned from this thread is that Jeep Swenson is the greatest wrestler of all time.

so humor me and post gordy vid's anyways, ya lazy schmuck

Hopefully this one works.


Brody vs. a young, pre-Undertaker Mark Callaway.


The Brody-Flair 60 minute draw is on youtube in 6 parts. It freaking rules, and is a good example of a motivated, cooperative Brody.

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Slapnutz - so humor me and post gordy vid's anyways, ya lazy schmuck

I never knew you to troll. Are you really doubting that Gordy was one of the best big men in the history of wrestling? Having to prove that is like having to prove that I'm white. Sure I can, but I don't feel the need.

I just haven't seen alot of gordy matches. not trolling. I saw some old freebird 6 man tags where gordy was in the ring for a limited time, and then I saw him in the deathmatch tournament with Cactus Jack but that was after he had a stroke and it was well known that he was a shell of his former self by then. Also saw him destroy Raven in an old ECW match, but that match was just a total garbage type match where gordy beat raven with anything that wasn't tied down including chairs and pans.

I've never seen a match where I thought, WOW, gordy is good.

Should I look for some of his matches where he's teamed up with Doctor death, cause I haven't seen many of those either, like maybe 1 or 2 matches, and nothing really memorable.

^ Look for Gordy vs. Jumbo on youtube to see what Gordy could bring as a singles wrestler.

 The Miracle Violence Connection was an awesome tag team. They were only short lived as a team, but they may have been one of the better ones I've seen in my lifetime.



 Gordy vs. Kerry Von Erich..

Same match, but being Youtube only allows 10 minutes, this is broken down on two parts. First one is the first ten minutes of the match.