IF BTC goes under $28,000 it goes to $10,000! There...I said it!

I only listen to @Hessian

That guy knows how to call this stuff

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Meh, Bitcoin is a ride or die investment.

The casuals that hopped on the crypto fad at 56k might get crushed by this, but I know dudes that have been with bitcoin through thick and thin from 3k to 18k to 3k to 24k to 12k

I feel like the true Bitcoin guys aren’t worried.

If I could go back in time I wouldn’t fuck more girls in high school, I’d take my dork friends advice when he told me to buy Bitcoin in 2012. I brushed him off so hard lol.


Yeah I’m going to stay diversified but I’ll start accumulating at 20k and under. Dollar cost average on the way down to protect myself a little. It may be a couple years before it goes up to new highs.


What happened when he snapped his fingers in this scene??

I’d like some insight, if you don’t mind sharing.

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I like the way you think!

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I think in the near future more countries will accept it as a currency. Even if it is being done solely as protection from International players.

China sees it (crypto) as a National Security issue, Trump also looked at it as a destabilizing force on the US economy and the US currency use abroad. BRICS will move away from crypto in order to keep the strength of their National currencies. Or the Gold backed Yuan.

My opinion is still that of having your sell orders ready if things slide while sleeping.
Crypto is something you should be involved in the off hours if wanting to make a quick profit.

Just play safe.

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I’ll take that even a step further lol. I only trade the grayscale stocks that track bitcoin and ethereum because my equities accounts are fdic backed. If a crypto exchange goes down I guarantee you lose everything you had with them. I know my approach is sacrilegious to bitcoin hodlrs but it’s more comfortable for me. Also, I still don’t think there’s any long term value to bitcoin over the stock. Neither one performs well under economic strife. Gold is the only safe haven for wealth protection that I trust. I still think strongly that we get central bank digital currency and when that happens nothing good happens to bitcoin.

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Charts are bullish for gold imo. I follow a good bit of Gareth Soloway’s stuff and I’ve done well with his advice in stocks, metals and cryptos. He’s a chart guy.

You didn’t say it in all caps, sorry don’t believe you

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