If CCC wins where is he in the pound for pound rankings?

A lot of people think he’s a joke, but I think there’s a chance he might be the best fighter on planet earth right now.

He could be Top 5 if he wins depending on how he performs. His sense of humor is a joke but his credentials are about as good as it gets other than having a long reigning MMA Title run like the others in the conversation. Volk and Jones ahead of him. He would be around Islam and Izzy imo

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Dominic Cruz couldn’t believe how quickly he got beat so he pretended he was getting up when he got finished, but I’ve watch the fight ending 20 times and he doesn’t start to get up until the ref starts pulling Henry off him.


Wrong. That referee was drunk on whiskey and power. He also smelled like cigarettes.


Imo, probably 1 if we’re going off of how good I see them as being vs prestige earned from title defenses and such.

Still a fair way behind mighty mouse l reckon

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