If chris lytle had chael sonnens personality

Would he have been one of the most popular fighters of all time?

With all these injuries and pullouts i miss lytle.. He was and even retired still one of the absolute goats of the sport.

He would fight anyone and if his mouth matched his ability im sure the term would be "making lytle money" instead of anderson silva money Phone Post

All things considered many fighters would love to be making Chris Lytle money as it is. He was paid well and earned every dollar of it. Just in bonuses alone, he was raking in a small fortune.

You can't just implant Chaels personality into another persons body and expect the same results. There are other "funny" fighters and other good fighter "trolls" .. but there really can only be one Chael P. Sonnen.

He was an exciting fighter he didn't need a fake WWE style "personality".

Phone Post

He would be an asshole Phone Post

French Fries Malone - 

He would be an asshole Phone Post

lol, this too.