If Coleman beats Cro Cop...

Do you think he ought to fight Minotauro next? Or Fedor? Or someone else?

What do you think they should have him do, and what do you think they will have him do? (Again, assuming he wins, which I know is a big assumption.)

Well, Fedor already tapped Coleman out once. I'd like to see him fight Minotauro, or maybe Mark Hunt.

Mino also already tapped out coleman once.

This is a very bad match for just that reason. If Coleman wins, then no Crocop/Fedor, and Mark would get subbed again if he fought either Fedor or Nogueira. Pretty much the only guy he could fight would be Hunt.

Mark Hunt would be OK, but what do you think about Alexander, Fedor's little brother. I think Coleman vs. Alexander would be very entertaining.