If Conor ever comes back

I'm a big McGregor fan, but no way he deserves a title shot without having to earn it again and he seems too much of a diva to accept a fight without it being a main event or championship fight too.

My question, do you think Conor and Nate ever finish the trilogy? And will a Nate win or loss against masvidal hurt the chances of that trilogy occurring? Nate's stardom will just seem to keep growing and with a win over masvidal he will be making great money. Not money that him and Conor would generate together, but more than enough I feel. Thoughts?

If Conor comes back, I imagine a Nate trilogy will be in the cards.  Nate losing to Mas hurts the chances of a rematch tho, but Nate has a resilient brand where he can take loses and still retain value (same with Conor).  Conor coming back is still a big if tho.

Nate is a threat right now to win the Welterweight strap. I think that's what he's going for. If he beats Masvidal UFC is giving Diaz the title fight at 170 lbs