If Cruz wins, how about Mighty Mouse at 130?

I know there is other fights out there, but why not a fun fan fight from time to time? No titles up for grab, the guys have a past and I think would make for a good stylistic fight for Might Mouse. Let's face it, the guy is stuck in a lower weight class but has been as dominant as Jones and Silva but gets 1/10th the attention. Put him in Superfights, and I think Dominick(assuming he wins) would make for a great matchup.

Absolutely agree OP. That's a fucking great fight. 

I like this matchup but I'm sick of rematches. Phone Post 3.0

Dominick is pretty big, I doubt he has 5 more lbs to cut. Phone Post 3.0

I think you are right friend, Dominick was much bigger then Faber as well. I still think the fight stylistically is the one that is most interesting for Mighty Mouse right now. He needs something real unconventional thrown at him at this point.

I would love to see them fight again but Mighty Mouse is too small for cruz. 5" height disadvantage and id imagine about the same in reach. Phone Post 3.0

Mad Xyientist - Dominick is pretty big, I doubt he has 5 more lbs to cut. Phone Post 3.0
This. Dom has been way more vocal about going up then going down. If I'm MM I go to 135 and become a two weight class champ if you win then you go down in history if you don't You fought and lost to one of if not the best P4P dude on the planet, no shame in that Phone Post 3.0

UFC hates catchweights and Mighty Mouse is going for Anderson's record

Stars won't align for quite a while I'm afraid