If Daley beats Diaz..

How will DFW react???

If Tito is any indication at all bridges with Dana are never completely burnt. I don't think it would be a big deal. Although it would show where Diaz really belongs in regards to the big picture.


If Daley fights Diaz..

its daleys best shot at keeping a job, win the strikeforce title + keep it until the merger or at least stay relevant, he makes himself invaluable to the ufc (a tough, hard hitting, brit), there a business no way would they pass on a guy with a style like his, once enough time has passed anyway

In a crazy fucked up hypothetical world if Daley would beat Nick Diaz ... NIck would still end up in the Octagon before Semtex.

But, it's a damn good thing we won't have to worry about such nonsense.

Semtex is already trying to talk his way out of the fight so it might not even happen.

Here's some relevant stuff:

Dear Dana Claus,

I've been waiting for Nick Diaz's return to the UFC; please let his Octagon debut be against either Josh Koscheck or BJ Penn.  

Thanks in advance, sir.

JeffersonDArcyChoke - Daley scores KO win. Takes title. Says "Fuck Dana White" postfight and walks out. First fighter to have the balls to stick to guns and not go back to ball licking for a gig. Semtex doesn't have to fight. He simply can and is good at it. DFW said Paul would NEVER fight for him again. Well, never is a long time. Phone Post

Nobody gives a fuck about the strikeforce belt.