If Dana weren't UFC President, he'd be ....

So you hear this question asked to famous people all the time. If you hadn't become an actor, musician, etc, what would you be doing for a living. My list of alternate career paths for Dana include:

1. Politician ( mayor of Chicago perhaps)

2. Pitchman for exercise equipment infomercials

3. Used car salesman( complete with short sleeve shirt and tie)

What say you UG? Phone Post

Fuckin fired

BlackJack Dealer at Station Casino:

"So you want a hit on a fcukin' 19 ?!?!?"

XxLiveBaitxX - BlackJack Dealer at Station Casino:

"So you want a hit on a fcukin' 19 ?!?!?"
Legit Lol! Nice one Phone Post

I'm afraid creepy yogacise instructor is the best he could hope for.


Lol @ used flesh light salesman!! Phone Post 3.0

Yelling orders at waitresses at the waffle house.

"Do you wanna be a fucking server?!"

Its obvious, He'd work for Eggland's Best®, ya goof.

boxing promoter Phone Post 3.0

Unemployed Phone Post 3.0

TFK_BOZY - Still managing fighters. Phone Post 3.0
Obvious correct answer, and still well known among MMA fans Phone Post 3.0

He'd own an egg company, ya eggs

Well the original plan was for him & Lorenzo to do something together in boxing soo.. boxing promoter

He's one hell of a promoter, he's destined to be involved in combat sports one way or another Phone Post 3.0

MRXC - He would be the same thing he already is, just in a slightly different capacity.

A UG poster.

'I bench 3 bills you goof, been boxing since I was young, school'd tons of these MMA fu*ks that ran up on me in the gym. I spar 100% and these punks get left laying. MMA is like the WWE you gotta have some act, gotta be some french goof, or some mexican dude. If it was real, no weight classes, no rules, no rounds.... I'd be the Champ.'

I assume without all the formal training and reprimands he's had over the years there would be more sexist and homophobic diatribes mixed in, i just don't have the necessary natural ignorance to mimic it.
You wanna fuckin Vote Up ya fuckin egg brain! Phone Post 3.0

A virgin.

(Thanks peter crouch) Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

pro boxer

A Union garbage collector.

One of those hacky corporate motivation and re-structuring speaker types that yells platitudes and metaphor laden business slogans at people like "You gotta get after the shark!". Then someone who's job he eliminated would shoot him in the parking lot.

That or a coke dealer. Also shot.

The end.