If Diaz doesn't chase Condit...

What happens?

I feel Condit won based on the damage and volume of strikes thrown. That said, had Diaz not been the one to chase Condit around the ring, Condit would not have been able to do much.

So my question is...what happens on the score cards (and in the fight) if Diaz had simply stood in the center of the cage and refused to chase Condit?

Well then they maybe should have been allowed to keep the stools in the cage during the rounds, so the boys could just kinda chillax for 25 minutes instead of playing tag.

If diaz didnt move forward, Carlos would engage him at kicking range and fuck him up.

Diaz wanted a punching range fight.

Carlos wanted a kicking range fight, if you want to fight at kicking range, and your opponent moves forward you have to back up and circle around off the cage more.

It would've been more exciting of they put a table in the middle of the octagon and played Connect Four....

No shit -

What a waste of a card -

Condit would have just circled and picked him apart if he wouldn't move. Diaz would get frustrated and give chase.

gogoplatamonkey -  Honestly I feel Condit wins this fight pretty much anyway it takes place
No way he survives on the ground with Nick...

And lol @ this guy finishing Diaz -


Condit would have stayed on the outside and simply kicked him whenever he felt like it. What you dont realize is that by Diaz chasing it stopped Condit from kicking as much because you cant kick while moving backwards

What would have happened?

For starters there would have been no fight, just 2 guys going in circles looking at eachother.

Then the crowd would have been wildly booing while Greg Jackson gets all philosophical about what a great fight it was and how Carlos really stuck to the game plan.

Dana would make promises about owing the fans one and hes going to make up for the clusterfuck of a main event.

McCorkle would kick some fat guys ass.

 Diaz stopped chasing condit in the later rounds and in the 4th condit dominated him more than in any other round.

Condit woulda looked retarded running with no one chasing Phone Post