If Diaz never fights again ________(fill in )!!

I would be happy knowing I at least I got to see this guys career in my life time... Wow good times ....!!! Great fights Phone Post

I'll be fucking devastated.

Saturday night (Sunday morning) I came home thinking to myself no way he should fight again in this bullshit fucking sport.

I even sent a tweet to Nick that I respect his decision and hope he sticks to it. First tweet I ever sent.

I hope to God he didn't listen.

I will be really sad. He really would officially be the last of the can killers and that brings back many good memories of overhyped fighters that we thought were gods only to realize they kinda suck

i would not care. the guy is a great fighter an he is great fun to watch in the cage. all the drama outside of the cages really makes him not worth the trouble. always crying about something if i was the ufc i would prolly send him back to strikeforce cuz you can't set up a fight for this man without some kinda drama coming up

wouldn't care

Disappointed Phone Post

 I'd be a sad homie

not a single fuck would be given.

I would have 2 put all my nut huggery back into Anderson !! Phone Post

On the contrary, several hundred thousand or even millions of fucks would be given.

if nick diaz quit i would feel like we missed out on an extremely entertaining career.

It would be a travesty. Love him or hate him you cant deny the guy is one of the 5 most exciting fighters on the planet right now in and out of the cage.

I'll keep watching the sport I love.

That said, he will be missed, greatly.

The guy is one of the last old guard that is still fighting.
(In his prime)

He is like an old buddy, sometimes he pisses you off,
but you still like him because it's never normal.

Also, thought I'd throw this in. As a Diaz fan, I want to point out a time, way back when when I met GSP. It was in a club in Toronto, some promo thing, and he was the man. Nice as could be, but for anyone saying in any way that he is not a beast and a killer, I don' know what else to tell you than "You're wrong."

O well Phone Post

then the p4p goat and most entertaining fighter in mma history will never fight again

I'll start watching triathlons...

I would love to see Nick use some Bas Rutten Liver shots! Phone Post

I'd ................still watch Ronda beat the hell out of Miesha Tate.

Winnson - On the contrary, several hundred thousand or even millions of fucks would be given.

I agree, and you should definitely retweet him, just for your own sanity!

Oh Labrador (I lived in Labrador for 3 years BTW, Goose Bay), I did.

And Dana

And Cesar

And I think Nick and Joe Rogan and Lorenza Fertita too. I learned to tweet and now I tweet goddamit!