If Diaz tested on Brazil card, would he fail?

Really curious about this. In countries like Brazil where the UFC does its own testing, if Diaz had come up positive for MJ, would the UFC have sanctioned him?

Lorenzo has said publically that he'd have Diaz back in a second, and that the MJ rule was the NSAC rule, not his rule. Really curious if he'd have got hit with MJ with the UFC in charge of testing, would they give a shit?

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It depends on the mood Dana is in.
Example when Leben tested for pills in his last fight.
"test results where brought to me, and I decided Leben needed to really learn from this mistake".

UFC does their testing, and it is under their discretion what to release/enforce.

That being said I think Diaz would have given slack if he were tested positive in an unsanctioned country. Phone Post

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 dana said they bring in nsac people to do all the testing n shit in foreign events. odds are the results and punishment would be the same