if diego and bonnar fought(TUF 1)

remember when diego and bonnar were in the kitchen of the house and bonnar was lecturing diego about the asparagus and they were both getting kind of pissed off?

what would have happened if they started fighting?

would bonnar have won due to his sheer size?

or would diego been like a rabid pit bull and got him down and bloodied him in a maelstrom of frenzied punches?

(I know, old, and done probably, but why not hypothesize again?)

age old question:

Asparagus vs. Vitamin S

I think Diego could've taken Bonnar down by suprise.I also think Bonnar could've KO'd Diego by Suprise

I think diego would have gotten a quick takedown, bonnar would use the couch or someother article of furniture to help himself up, then he would have unleashed a helatious beating on Diego.

Would have been fun to watch.

Diego: I didn't know about asparagus

Bonnar: Oh yeah

Diego: Yeah (gives the "nightmare" crazy man stare)

Bonnar: steps up in his best tough guy pose

Diego: straight right to the junk. Bonnar goes down. Diego slams his nasty asparagus smoothie.

Bry Bry- I meant suckerpunch

Diego is Raiden incarnate

LMAO@Asparagus vs. Vitamin S

Depends if there was a futone close by...