If Diego was George's first title shot?

If Diego Sanchez was George St. Pierre's first title shot in 6 years ago instead of Matt Serra, do you think that George would have lost any subsequent fights? Or, would George be undefeated since his loss to Matt Hughes in 2004?

I feel as though Serra would have never beaten Diego, Koscheck, Fitch, Alves, etc. therefore never gotten a title shot other than the TUF tournament. Karo brutalized Matt Serra minus an early punch add well did Lytle in a rematch.

Not taking away from Serra's achievement, but could you imagine Urijah winning TUF and being thrown in with Anderson? Phone Post

Serra did what no one else has so I would hope you aren't trying to diminish his achievement in any way. Phone Post 3.0

It isn't exactly like through hall in with silva right after tuf. That season of TUF was all UFC vets. Not a bunch of unproven unheard of guys. Serra had an opportunity and took it and achieved something only a few fighters ever have. Phone Post 3.0

Can't edit but on phone but should say it isn't like throwing hall in with silva. Phone Post 3.0