If EA MMA gets a sequel, whats the main promotion?

Do you think it'd be Bellator, with mainly that roster? Or would they stay Japanese?

Maybe a combination of Bellator, Titan FC, Shark Fights, DREAM, etc?

I've been wondering this for awhile. I'm just assuming Strikeforce is out. Phone Post

Fedor vs. Couture. That's it. Phone Post

If the contract with Strikeforce is out, id say they dont even attempt to make one. Strikeforce popularity was far ahead of Bellator/DREAM.

In EA MMA, their were like 5 fictional Promotions in the game. Fake PRIDE, Brazil promotion, Fake Bamma, a few others.

So Id imagine if they really wanted to make a sequel, they would make it around fictional promotions like the original but put more emphasis on it being orginal. Possibly more commentators for every show.

When you look at it EA had, Unified Rules, Pride Rules, & Vale Tudo.

They could probably make a game, have the like of Huerta, fedor, Sylvia, mccorkle, Kendall grove, aoki, chandler , hieron etc .. I'd buy it even if the roster wernt too deep Phone Post

Lol @ Titan fc. If you really have to add "Titan fc" you should know the answer on a sequel. Phone Post

Yamma will be the MMA promotion for the EA sequel.

Bellator and the Asian Alliance (One, Dream etc) Phone Post

The main promotion would be UFC and Pride. THQ is going bankrupt and one of the big studios will buy them eventually

 They could jsut make it a UFC game but change 2 letters in all the names.

Ron bones vs larry conture ftw

idc what the names of the fighters are, as long as its EA MMA2, and they have a create a fighter i will be happy.

UFC Iran Phone Post

 They need to forget about MMA and remake FN3.  FN4 and Champions both sucked. 

There wont be. Phone Post

Battleship Phone Post

The next EA mma game will be the UFC.

THQ and it's assets are selling and being liquidated...  UFC and EA will likely end up doing a deal.