If Fedor gets KO'd

 if fedor gets ko'd it will be really hard to log in her as everyone in wrold will be posting at same time

If Fedor looses, the best fight after that is Immidiate rematch with Rogers


IrishFighter110 - lmao, great gif Igor.

Can you tell us if Fedor took time off training to spend time with his wife?

Any recent footage of training available??

 Thank You! .... After fight. :))

Thank U TSIGOR!!

 If Rogers KO's Fedor he is UFC bound then. 

Fedor is the best, he has proven that time and time again. Eventually time or just bad luck will catch up to you. Anybody can be caught and knocked out especially by a guy the size of Rogers. To think that ONE loss could hurt a whole career that much is just crazy.....

kempfer437 - If rogers knocks him out he should just retire imo...

Y?? u guys r fuckin dicks!!! 1 loss in like 9 years and he should retire???!!!! Throw yourself off a bridge

JT42382 -  I actually think if Fedor loses to Rogers, it'll give the UFC more leverage in their negotiations if they still choose to go after Fedor.  Fedor's main selling point is that he's arguably MMA's top p4p fighter and #1 HW in the world, that in itself allows Vadim and M-1 to wield substantial power in getting what Fedor wants.  A lot of that goes away if Fedor loses IMO.

 thats what im saying dude. And I doubt Fedor will accept a lower offer than the original they turned down- copromotion set aside. 

Although Grim Rogers is from the Chi- I have been on the Fedor wagon for a while.  Fedor by RNC 1 min into the 1st!

WAR FEDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 if fedor loses... no more M-1 presents..  and no wamma.

While I seriously doubt Fedor is going to lose this fight, I actually think that a loss to Rogers would increase the chances of him fighting in the UFC. The damage to his image and aura of invincibility would likely bring him (and hopefully his management) down to earth enough that they might be willing to accept Dana's terms and play ball with the UFC--especially if Fedor feel's driven to re-establish his legitimacy against top-tier opponents. Dana, meanwhile, would likely still want to acquire Fedor (albeit for a reduced price) in order to prove that he was no threat to his HWs in the first place--even if he still required him to leave Strikeforce on a win before doing so (likely off of a Rogers rematch).

The problem is that Fedor and his management believe that they are as big, if not bigger, than the UFC, and that the only thing the UFC has to offer is a paycheck on terms unacceptable to them. A loss for Fedor--which would immediately remove him from uncontested no.1 HW status (for the first time in 6 years), and place him no higher than no.3 (after Lesnar and Rogers)--might provide the necessary incentive to drive Fedor back into the mix of serious competition.

 If Rogers wins, then the only footage Strikeforce will have to promote their highest paid fighter, the guy they're building their promotion around, would be him getting KTFO.

Rogers soon to be screen name...TheGuythatKoedFedor

if rogers gets lucky then they rematch and fedor kills him.

Elias Cepeda - 
MuchRespec' -  His people have contacted Brock's people about an unsanctioned 'sparring match'...

Yeah, that's definitely what the two best heavyweights in the world should do - turn down millions of dollars and hurt one another and risk their careers for nothing. 

Despite all we've seen, I can't imagine anyone has that poor of management to seriously pursue that. 

Two fighters trying to do it is one thing, someone's "people" trying to set it up = that fighter needing to get new "people"

Hasn't it been established yet that the Russian isn't all about the money? Maybe he's really a fighter who's tired of being disrespected and called a coward? For no other reason than he doesn't want to whore himself out to the Vegas cartel.

But that's awesome that going 1-1 with Frank Mir and beating a nearly 50 year old LHW makes you one of the best HWs in the world.

Innernetz is serious bid'ness!

If fedor lose this one I'm gonna cry

TSIGOR Thanks for the info.

Can you pls at least let the fans know that he is training seriously?

Also can you confirm if his brother Alex is helping him out for this fight?

Thanks TSIGOR!!

disbeliever - If Fedor loses I cannot wait to read the 50000 posts orcus will make :)

 I'll let others do the gloating. I'll just bask in smug superiority.