If Fedor's number 1 and Silva's #2, whose 3?

 Penn? Faber?, Kid Yamamoto?

GSP, imo.

I'm thinking, maybe that GSP guy...

 we'll find out after gsp/penn 2.

also silva is number 1 do to how many fights' he's been in the last 2 years and how qickly he ended those fights before the 2nd round was over.

BJ Penn.

Have you guys seen Kid Yam? 

Have you guys seen Kid Yam? 

Have you guys seen Kid Yam? 

Have you kids seen Kid Yam?

Kid may even be #2.

 Have you Yams seen Kid kid?

(He's got quite a sense of humor.)



Anderson Silva


Big Nog







 Fedor, GSP, Anderson and Kid are the top contenders, with good arguments for each of them. Maybe Kid should drop out due to inactivity.

GSP, then Penn

Rampage before penn?

Penn first, Fedor second, Faber third, A Silva fourth, W Silva fifth.

I put Penn first because nobody else comes close to his skillset, timing, and gameplan execution. Fedor second because he is constantly improving while already at the top of his game and has yet to be even challenged truely. Fedor third because he makes it look so easy. A Silva all the way down to fourth because he has holes in his game; Lutter exposed a lot of weakness against a great grappler, probably consistant with why he hasn't faced one since. Wanderlei fifth only because he has faltered a little of late, if he can put it back in timing he'll be back to the top three.


 Penn? hah. Yeah he lost to Hughes, he lost to GSP, he lost to Machida. Those are all his big fights outside of lightweight. Penn is so overrated. Let him beat GSP, or some of those great lightweights fighting in Japan. Potential does not make you a top fighter p4p.

4 Faber 5 BJ Penn