If fights went smoother

This year many good fights have ended with several "accidentals". I'm talking about Vitor saying Randy headbutted him, QJ headbutting arona before the slam, Fedor crashing into Nog's head and the two shoulder accidents at High Octane. There are probably a few others i missed but you get the point. So if there weren't these accidents how much better would things look now? Perhaps Arona would have fought Wandy instead? And Crocop would have been fighting for the title ofr 12/31. But I dunno. I just had to get that out of my system. But what do you guys think of a Arona/Wandy fight? Arona deserves a shot. It would be exciting. What you guys think?

I think Silva would put the beating on Arona that Mezger almost did. By that I mean that I'd expect the fight to look similar to the Arona/Mezger fight but w/ Silva doing much more damage and Arona not being able to stall it down as much.