If Forrest wins.....

....what do you all think this will mean for both fighters?

Will this put 'the lumberjack' (the nickname i'll give forrest wins)in line for title shot with good 'ol thumbs Liddel. Also will this mean he gets respected as a quality fighter or will he still be the 'reality punk'?

Also where will this put Tito and can he come back from wherever it is?

Im certainly not saying i think forrest will win, and im totally rooting for tito was just wondering what a forrest upset would mean in the division?


what will his gameplan be? where do you think his stregnths are over tito?

babalu is next in line for Chuck, he has to be

if Forrest beats Tito, i don't see how he couldn't be in line after Babalu. If Tito beats Forrest, he's still got to fight Ken after that, so it'd be a little longer before he could fight the winner of Chuck/Babalu

tito's next two fights are against an 'overhyped reality TV star' and a 'has been' *not my opinion, just the general feeling i get from reading people's posts*

If he loses these two fights, against tough opponents *that one is my opinion* will he be gone from UFC?

Forrest can beat Tito, i just think its unlikely. there's no way Tito is gonna stand with him, and I don't think Forrest will be able to block all of Tito's takedowns, so I see Tito winning it. Forrest could win the fight several different ways though, so its not impossible

i would say Forrest beating Chuck is impossible though. its just a bad style match up for him

If Tito loses to Forrest and Ken, he's done for sure. if he loses to Forrest but then beats Ken convincingly, then I think he'll still be able to get by fighting Bonnar or Rashad or whoever for another year

i look for forrest to try to take tito down. throw a few flashy punches and go for the takedown. thats why he's been training with randy. he'll try to do just enough to win the round in the judges eyes.

when forrest wins...

not happening, end of discussion.

^^^^Never say never...it always comes back to bite you in the ass. LOL!

I think Forrest is going to get the upset...and alot of folks are going to be eating their words. I can't wait. :)

forrest will ATTEMPT TO fight tito like chuck did

"The only person I can remember taking Tito down was Couture and even he couldn't hurt Tito with GnP and that was a 5 round match. "

Frank swept Tito and tapped him out

and if you saw the pics of Tito after that fight, you know that Randy hurt him

You know at first i didn't think griffin would last but i honestly think he stands a decent chance at beating tito.his standup is better it's just his TD defence and his wrestling that is in question.I'll bet Tito cannot end this fight.I think we'll see the best forrest yet.

lcolson...you might be right. id like to bite your ass too<<<<

Thanks doggystile...I think...LOL