IF Franca/Thomson fight's ruled nc

If this fight gets overturned and ruled a no contest, how will this affect the future proposed Edwards/Thomson match? Will this match still happen or will Franca get a rematch? I've heard the Yves/Thomson fight would be a title match. I don't know if that's true though. I don't think they should hold it as a title match if the other fight gets ruled a no contest.

It won't get overturned.

They should just stop complaining and move on. They'll meet up again, eventually. Hermes got tons of love from the crowd for finishing so strong.

It was a split decision. That happens. Get over it.

"It won't get overturned. "

Berger and Elvis successfully got losses changed to N/C after referee misconduct. I don't see how you can say that there's no way in the world Franca can do the same

I was NOT a split decision.

Does anyone know why Landless was so close to the 2 fighters if he wasn't stopping the fight? Or maybe what Landless claimed to be doing?

I have always thought that Arlovski/Brink should be NC. Anyone remember how Arlovski secured that armbar?