If Fujita/Sakuraba do go to the...

UFC, like originally reported by ZUFFA and DSE...there is a good chance that they would both win their divisions. Wouldent this make the UFC look bad? Maybe that is why this deal is believed to be called off?

first of all, no chance fujita would be heavyweight champ.
he's really not that good.

and second. i doubt that sakuraba would fight for the title
anyway. i think he could be the 185 lb. champ but if he fights
at 205, he is in trouble.

If it ever happened, which it won't, it would be a 1 time deal. Fujita is in Inoki's promotion now so PRIDE lost him.

However, Fujita could have a shot at beating whoever they wanted to put him up against. Sakuraba would fight at 185 as that is his natural weight and he would own.


Fujita is a good fighter.

no soccer kicks/knees + cage = Sakuraba new UFC champ

Cage and fence = Sak gets K.O.`ed.

It isn't gonna happen so why even speculate.

Dana even said pride screwed him on that deal and he is not sending any more fighters over

fujita is not that good. you guys are high.

I think Fujita can beat anyone in the UFC except maybe Silvia, and Ricco.

Sakuraba is the man and can beat just about anybody.

I'm sure UFC would happily accept Pride's challenge.
They could loose, but that's the nature of fighting.

Pride however doesn't want it's fighter loosing in UFC.

Tell Fedor how much Fujita sucks

fuji vs cabbage in the cage would be sweet.

in ufc saku would have the best subs and takedowns at 185 and i
think ufc rules would help saku's game. i bet he could cut to 170.
a healthy saku vs bj @ 170 has potential to be one of the greatest
matches in ufc history.

Sak would own 185. There is nop way he would cut to 170.

Fujita v Cabbage would rock and makes sence for the UFC.

If they went there, they wouldn't go permanently. Think about it...it wouldn't happen. If DSE ever decided to actually send them over, it would be for ONE FIGHT ONLY.

Takada said he was sending both to a future UFC. I don't care one way or another about Fujita. But it would be nice to see Sak in the Octagon again. There are some good potential matchups for him. If this doesn't happen, then Takada is a bigger fool than I originally thought.

I think sakuraba wont be stopped by anybody in ufc because it is in weight classes,the ufc can build him up because he wont be allowed to rec himself fighting huge guys,I bet he could tone down to 170lb easy and dominate that division.Pound for pound he is awesome and could make the ufc even more exciting.