IF GINA CUT TO 144 LBS, whats walking weight

if she cut to 144 1/2 lbs and still missed weight. what does she weigh going into the ring tonite 150ish

200 imo

Guessing at least 155-160?


i heard she has to bulk up to 160 to even be and american gladiator

This is my guess!

For this fight!

I said she diet down to 155 and try to cut the last 15 pounds by sauna/cardio etc, during the last two days, but came short and was only able to drop 10-11 pounds coming in 4.5 pounds over the weight limit.

So my guess is that she walks around (when not dieting/training hard, etc) at around 165!

20 pounds over 145 when not training/dieting.

10 pounds over 145 during the last week before the fight.