If Girls didnt have...............

vagina's we'd all throw sticks at them!!!!!

just my thought for the day!!!!!!!!!

fuck i'm bored .

girls are pretty

......We'd be fucking cobras up the arse!

lol angeel,

ps. a few wish they do!!!!!!!

After what I saw you upto at Melbas, post Spartan 8, I would doubt any man would try!

Ladies all the way!!:)

1 week out of 4 we should throw sticks at them anyway !!



gremis wouldnt he loves "the red wings"

I thought it was the Japanese flag!

lol japanese flag

When your little you throw sticks at them anyway.

vagina is vagina - red, black, pink or cream, at the end of the day as long as it doesn't expect more than $50 worth of shouted drinks or 2 minutes of D&M conversation I'm in...*mental note - no more single 30 year olds with three kids :)*

lol, i just love them..

gremis, its not you being in i worry about.. its all the other stuff there too :p

...now where did i put my keys?

If the girl you're with doesn't have a vagina, you may want to take a long hard look at the clubs you frequent...


"you mean like box or pussy or c$#t?"

see I thought the saying was:

If girls didn't sit on your face we'd throw rocks at them.

...molecular structure, you'd be fucking nothing.

Lucky I didn't hold my breath waiting for someone to pick up on that?!?!?

Happy NY04' Ben, legendary band/album, I used "I hope you die" for entrance music once.



but we all know it better when you find a girl that plays the back nine as well!!!!!!