if gsp did the nfl combine?

what do you think his stats would be

i bet he runs around a 4.3 40 with no practice. i know you guys think im kidding, but i bet he could hang with some of the running backs coming out of d 1 programs

he would definitely run a 4.5 at least.

and kill the cone drill.

GSP is a downright freaky athlete...but the NFL is FULL of freaky athletes.

Why do you think that? We have never seen him running.

That's an untrue statement, sir. We've seen him run the 6 meter dash during prefight. I timed him at .37 seconds.

6 meters divides into 40 meters 6.66 times (scary!)

If you multiply .37 seconds for every 6 meters then you get a 40 meter time of 2.45 seconds (give or take).

And that number doesn't factor in variables such as lack of a groin protector or riddum.

Look who's back! CUO

ha ha ha

GSP is the same size as a typical NFL cornerback...if he were doing the combine he's probably be 190 lbs. and 5'10-5'11. He is a great athlete and I have no doubt he would run a 4.5 or whereabouts.

You guys may be suprised either way by how he would time. If he didn't time as well as you would think it would prove yet again why NFL scouts shouldn't take as much stock into what a football player does in shorts than what he does on the field in pads.

Every year it seems like there is someone dropping because they didn't run well or didn't measure well but they performed well on the field and they do so in the NFL at a bargain price for the team that drafted them.

That being said, I doubt he would time all that well. If he were placed in the combine with the players from this college football season getting ready for the draft he wouldn't even register.

Reason being is that players practice to get their times up as high as possible, usually around 6 weeks at a time. Plus they've done that before when being timed coming into college and every offseason in college.

GSP wouldn't be able to hang with their riddum in the 3 cone drill imo.

"i bet he runs around a 4.3 40 with no practice"

not bloody likely

I dunno...did you see the prefight footage of him doing a criss-cross footwork drill through the gym? He looked as fast as anybody I've seen...

no doubt NFL guys are GREAT athletes. I'm not saying every MMA fighter would do well at the the combine. They wouldn't. But GSP is a great athlete.

Let's at least agree he could do 225 for reps as much as an average guy his size.....they do maybe 15-20 at the combine.

imo.....gsp kimura's the whole combine

i have seen 4.3 speed, it is fast, like really fast, given the fact that GSP is a great athlete, maybe a sub 5.0 would be possible

some of the kids i work with run a 4.4 and they are sixteen.

now, from what i understand, the combine times you from your movement, not your crossing the line, so your time will be a little slower. that being said, if my kids can do it, im sure gsp could.

He could probably be an olympic sprinter. I can tell just by looking at him.

He would get killed in the combine. He doesn't train for any of that.  He would get owned in the 225lb benchpress. 100 other guys would run the 40 faster.  I bet he would be 5.0, barely under.

Obviously he'd have to work to up it, just like any other sport. It's called sport-specific training. Now to say this man could not achieve an excellent 40 and the nfl is full of freaky athletes is kind of insulting -- let's see another freaky athlete never do any type of grappling or wrestling at the age of 20, and within 6 years, without any formal high school or college competition, can hang with olympic-calibre wrestlers. I don't think anyone really understands how incredible this guy is.

if there are kids at your work who run 4.4 for the 40 at 16, they will have major d1 schools knocking at their door. sounds like someone has you fooled!

The exception being that the NFL running backs run that fast, while weighing 220 pounds. Those guys are the real FREAKS

First the olympics and now the nfl, what is he gonna do next week walk on water??

what would he score in the 225 bench test?

im thinking 56