If heaven is real...

Then why would anyone be afraid of anything? This is a real question. I wonder why people that believe in heaven are afraid of anything.

why exactly do you think that?

If you lead your life exactly like the bible preaches, Love thy neighbor, etc., and you think you will go to heaven, then why be afraid of dying? I dont mean go out and do crazy stunts or jump off a building, but I know a pretty hardcore christian that is afraid of the dark, and he is 23. I just dont understand why he would be. If he believes in an afterlife, why be afraid to walk to the gas station because its night?

Im not christian, so i dont know first hand if my fears would subside if i had those beliefs, but it seems that if you believe in a christian afterlife that you would be pretty fearless. you are going to heaven, after all, if you die.

Well, I dont think im scared to die. But if I found out tomorrow i had a terminal disease of some sort that We'd find out for sure. We are all afriad of something, religious or not. Death I am used to because Ive seen people in my immediate family go and I am confident i will go where they did. But I dont want to die, Im happy being alive...plus a lot of the time dying hurts...and people I think are more scared of pain in many cases than anything else.

I agree with JoshuaB.

I'm not afraid to die BUT that doesn't mean I have a deathwish. That doesn't mean I'll throw caution to the wind. Fear produces caution. So in that since fear is useful and functional.

Also fear is a natural function of the body. I don't know how a person can truly stop being afraid of certain things. I think a person can, with God's help minimize fear and not let it control them or keep them from functioning but I don't think they'll ever be totally rid of it.

I see your points. Thank you for answering my question