IF Hughes loses, what does he do?

This is similar to the situation GSP would have been in if Hughes had beat him again.

0-2 vs. the champ, but clearly among the very best in the world, and able to beat everybody else at that weight...

if BJ loses, he can always go to 155 IMO...or wait until the smoke around Hughes-GSP has cleared and try again.



His loss to BJ was a LONG time ago. I'm sure that hughes would just have to go through a can, then someone like Diego/Karo/GSP then the title shot.

Hughes will be lost if he loses... LOST!!!

imo, BJ vs. Hughes would be weird. I'd say BJ vs. GSP in December (New Year's show in Montreal!), then GSP vs. Hughes. If BJ wins, BJ vs. Diego in March. Hughes vs. GSP for a redemption match on the same card.

Penn should win, unless his focus wanders once again like against GSP and he starts composing symphonies in his head mid fight instead of focusing on the match.

Hughes work hard for one more shot at the title, praying to Gawd that someone beats Penn so he can then get the belt from them, and then retire without ever having to fight BJ again.

Wouldnt be the first time he lost to the same guy twice. He has come back hardcore before.

Too bad we won't find out.

If Hughes loses, I could see him taking a grudge match of some kind possibly at 185 or what Erik the red said.GSP will end up with the belt sooner or later and likely hold it for awhile.

hughes will definitely put on a better showing this time. imo, if penn
doesn't catch hughes in the first round, hughes is going to dominate and
win a decision.

If Hughes loses, he still has the GSP rematch that has to happen. You know GSP wants that whether or not Matt has the belt.

Do you guys think BJ could make 155? I know he's not ripped at 170 but he was having trouble making it a few years ago. I'm not sure he could.

If, say, he loses to Hughes, I wouldn't mind seeing him at 170 for a while longer or even trying 185. He will always be exciting but I don't think he could make 155.

He'll get a rematch guaranteed. He has been champ for way too long not to get a rematch or the next shot after GSP BJ.

I think he's going to win though.
I thought that last time as well of course but I don't think he will make the same mistake as last time.

Doesn't TUF4 have a 170lb division? That guy will be in line for a shot too...

"IF Hughes loses, what does he do? "

takes it on the chin?

Minotauro and Rampage both lost twice to the respective champion in their division. Doesn't keep them from continuing to fight and make money either.

"Just like the first time. Hughes didnt even make it out of the first round."

And GSP didn't make it out of the first round against Hughes but he beat Penn...what's your point? Oh, that you are a morAn? Oh, well, I get it then.

He'll probably just keep things simple. Make some time for a few country
breakfasts'. His life will be a lot easier without the constant press
conferences and having to go everywhere in a limo.

Yeah...change a few tractor tires.

Eat a country breakfast

Beat GSPs a$$

Then rematch for the belt