If Hulk kills Black Bolt...

...then that's it. I'm officially going to lose my shit. I may not buy another Marvel Comic ever agin, or at least until Joe Quesada gets kicked the fuck out. He is one of their better characters ,and He's probably on the death list. But not Iron man...oh, no...

Fuck superheros. seriously.

Hiss, yeah, I'm on the fence about Black Bolt too. Like the character, but he's not potrayed as badass as he once was. Hopefully that'll change. I don't think he'll get wasted. Iron Man? Fu$k that pu$$y. Let 'em all get trounced.......Hulk and Spider Man have always had some respect for one another, it'll be interesting if Spidey will have any opinions on the Hulkster, not that he could do anything to Hulk of course......

I don't think BB will die....

crosses fingers

They killed fucking CAP!

I've heard that when the writer asked for a 'death list' it was quite long. For some reason, I can see BB being on the list...

He can never carry his own series, due the lack of dialogue, and personally, I'm not too interested in the Inhumans as a team book. I like Medusa, but She can't carry all the dialogue in the book. This all = out to BB not being worth much iin terms of sales $$$.

I can seriously see this happening.

Why is Black Bolt's name being suggested? (Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with Hulk's return.)

Black Bolt could beat Hulk, IMO.

Because I'm paranoid, that's why I'm mentioning his name

He's not well-known outside of older-school comics fans, he doesn't sell merchandise, all the Wolverine fans running around barely know who he is. And that's who they sell to.

It's not a huge loss financially, and Creatively, he doesn't play an integral part in any parts of the universe; he doesn't represent any archetypes, emotions or personalities. He is not 'Iconic' to a generation. Hell, Silent War should be a huge story, but it doesn't get covered at all. He's already semi/seperate from the mainstream marvel universe. His major appearences now are in the Illuminati series, which takes place as a retcon "in the past".

And killing characters like that creates the illusion of suspense, like any character can get it at any time, even though we really know that certain characters are safe.


I just read the other thread with the pics of Hulk holding BB's head. I could see it happening, and I agree with your line of thinking. Problem is, if they want Earth X/ Paradise X/ Universe X to be "canon", they need Black Bolt around. But hey, they did technically kill Cap (who played an important part in those stories) so who knows?


What would happen if Blackbolt learned ventriloquism?

I've heard that when the writer asked for a 'death list' it was quite long. For some reason, I can see BB being on the list...

As an aside, it seems like whenever a writer gets a death list, they always seem shocked at who's on the list. I remember Meltzer saying something to that effect after he wrote Identity Crisis.