If I could freeze/ban trolls?

 I'm thinking of asking Kirik for an upgrade in mod powers.

Currently I mod the OG and UG and can delete posts, freeze, delete or move threads and send warnings.

My problem is that I'm often encountering shitbag trolls I'd love to just freeze/ban and be done with but I'm lacking in those powers.

I do have some mod allies that have offered me help in that area but I don't like being dependant on them though I do go to them when need be.

Do you guys trust me enough with those powers?  If not I won't ask.

It's your call guys.

What say you?


 PS, I know it's kind of a WFA but I feel it's relevant to this forum since I mod here.

I trust you Daddy.. :-)

I mean Dreamer 

could you please move this to the What If... Forum

mr berndto - could you please move this to the What If... Forum


 Absolutely you should be granted this power.

I'd say you deserve them from your work on the David Lang thread alone.

You got my vote. Phone Post


Long as it ain't me you got my vote lol Phone Post

I'm all for more mods having the ability to ban shitbag trolls.

UltraMagnus - /I gurantee you i'd be 1st on that list.....

The black man that tells the truth about Zuffa usually "GETS" it 1st....

 Never had a problem with you man.

scouting prospects - sounds good. how can I help? Letters to Kirik and Chris?

 I'm not going to tell you no on that.

Ideally I'll just send my request with a link to this thread and see what Kirik says.

People sending notes to help me is appreciated though.

 +1   from me bro.


Didn't you get into a heated arguement with Hitman Dan on the Nazi thread?

Seems to me that a Mod should be above that sort of thing. Too easy to abuse the power to ban when you get personal on the forum. That's why it was taken away from Mods to begin.

“Those who seek power are not worthy of that power.” - Plato

 only trolls would oppose

The last guy who tried to mod this place got outed with a quickness. You'll get laughed at or ignored if you ask the head guys for this, they don't care.

Fighter bashing is at an all time high.

sounds good to me