If I were a coach I'd ban my fighters from any sort of guillotine

99 out of 100 times it doesn’t work and they end up in a shitty position.


Ya, they definitely don’t do much these days. I feel the same about Kimuras.

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Or giving up mount to go for a sloppy armbar.


Never give up position for a submission attempt.


This is why you will never be a coach.


I have a general rule against it and call out my fighters for jumping guillotine in practice.


In Mma the guillotine is still one of the most effective subs. Using it to sweep into a mounted guillotine is probably the most effective


Yeah honestly unless you have a Faber level squeeze, fuck that shit. If I’ve seen 1000 guillotine attempts in a UFC fight, I’ve seen maybe 20 finish the fight.

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The guillotine is actually the second most successful sub in MMA behind the RNC


I believe that because I’ve seen a lot of guys finished by a guillotine. However it’s also probably one of the most attempted submissions. The number of times I’ve seen it fail leads me to believe that it is a very low percentage move, especially at the highest level of the UFC. Unless that is your specialty.


Lol @ the guillotine being a low percentage move. You’ve seen a couple guillotines fail recently. It’s hardly low percentage.


Good point, I’m just parroting John Danaher

I saw more than one in just tonight’s event. I watch 5-6 MMA organizations. I’m willing to bet (not literally cause I don’t bet) that if I counted, there would be an average of 6-8 failed guillotines per week (assuming each of those promotions had 1 event every week). Maybe back in the day when there were more specialists it was easier to pull of in MMA but isn’t 2006 anymore, everyone knows how to defend a guillotine.

Guilotines aren’t the main problem. I’d say the full guard pull was the biggest issue . Arm in guilotine from a hook in half guard is fine. Could’ve transitioned into a sweep (guilotine from mount) or even an anaconda.

Pulling Guilotines into full guard in mma is a risk - if it doesn’t come off you’re stuck on the bottom with gassed out arms


Ughhh such a tough call get really proficient in chokes and people wont wannaa shoot on you and fights can finish quick and at any moment but then if you miss the choke now your on your back and your arms get blown out

It’s because most of the grappling these days is highly athletic but blue belt level technique. The grappling at your average mma gym leaves much to be desired. Without a bjj backround you’re learning basics at best.

In a lot of these cases it’s just regression. Guys don’t know what to do after a takedown is inevitable so they just panic and grab the nearest quasi-hold they can.

You shouldn’t even consider falling back in mma until a guillotine is completely sunk.


By that same logic, the RNC is low percentage because We’ve seen a bunch of people get to someone’s back and not finish them.

As others have mentioned, many are just putting on a headlock from guard.

Yeah but a lot of times I wouldn’t consider it a “failed choke attempt” on a RNC because the back mount is a dominant position. I see it more as having the advantageous position and if the choke doesn’t work, the fighter has options.


Unless you are a Nogueria arm-in guillotines are very difficult to finish.